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"Photo Mosaic 2"
"Photo Mosaic 2"

"Cemetary Abstract"
    Donna Conroy-LaBoeuf
"Cemetary Abstract"

I have been creating art in one form or another since I can remember. My father, Donald V. Conroy, taught me to doodle with shapes, letters, and numbers. Throughout the years it has never left me and will doodle anytime a pen and paper are in hand. This began my journey and love of art. Also, we traveled and visited cemeteries, looking at the tombstone art and the work that went into these final memorials. I still love visiting these areas.

My grandmother, Marie Mathieu, was always my biggest supporter no matter what I did, in art or life. My next supporter is my husband, Warren LaBoeuf, Sr. and my family. They might not always like the creations but they are supportive.

Jane Mathieu, my godmother/aunt was a watercolorist. I was lucky enough to inherit her paintbrushes. The locations of her works currently are a mystery since none have been located. The majority of her work done in the Riverside, CA & Great Falls, MT areas while living on air force bases.

Over the years I have studied with several artists in various medias. At North High in Worcester, MA, Robert Duffy was my teacher and friend letting me experiment and create even when that was popular in the school system. Recently I mentored with Elisa Khachian of Fairfield, Ct. She is a watercolor artist working with themes of heritage and ancestry.

Other artists that have influenced and inspired me are Frida Kahlo, Lee Krasner and early Mexican art.

I have worked in various media: painting, glass, clay, and photography. Different techniques have triggered several interests and lots of experiments, some successes and varying levels of success. Nonetheless, I enjoy learning and the challenges it brings. I am incorporating several mixed media forms in my new work, including organic substances.

My work has always been personal and made for the enjoyment of friends and family. I have been creating other images that have challenged and changed my vision and thought processes. Everyday is a learning experience! Having never thought about the meaning of my artwork until recently, I just want the viewer to enjoy and interpret it in light of their own experiences.

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